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The Ben Franklin Society™ is a plumbing maintenance membership service club that is limited to a select group of our customers. What is it worth to you to extend the life of your water heater, protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns or worse…water damage? 

The Ben Franklin Society™ is plumbing security for your home. Now for only pennies a day, you can protect yourself from costly and annoying plumbing problems. Your Ben Franklin Society™membership includes; one professional safety inspection, leak check and water heater tune-up for your plumbing system annually. You benefit in 3 ways; saving money and your home, breakdown-free guarantee and premier client rewards.  Ask your servicing plumber for details.
Take a look below at the following member benefits you get for a low monthly fee...
1. We catch the small problems before they become big problems. 
We know the value of plumbing maintenance. With your membership, our experienced plumber will inspect your home once a year, and check for small leaks that could become big problems. 

2. We will professionally inspect and flush your water heater. 
Once a year our experienced plumber will flush your water heater and complete a 14-point inspection. This process will extend the life of your water heater and decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns. 

3. You go to the front of the line! 
With your membership in The Ben Franklin Society™, you receive priority service and move to the top of our appointment book in the event you need plumbing service. 

4. You get a 15% discount on repairs and replacements. 
The Ben Franklin Society™ provides you with a preferred 15% service discount, should you need any plumbing repair or fixture replacement listed in our price guide.  

5. You get our promise as Benjamin Franklin®, The Punctual Plumber.
As a member of The Ben Franklin Society, your home is protected from the annoyance of cold showers and unforeseen plumbing problems. You'll go to the top of our service list and we won't keep you waiting around. If there's any delay, it's you we pay!™ If you move within our market area, you may transfer your club membership to your new home or leave it with the new owner.

What our customers say...

“We first met Perry and Carolyn as a result of their involvement in a community event that they care deeply about which has a common bond with myself and my wife.
We have contracted with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Lee County for several years and have enjoyed the thanks of our neighbors as well for the referrals that we have provided to them to use this company.  One lady recently shared with me, “I am so glad that you introduced me to Mr. Benjamin Franklin!”  Well not quite but I can see how she might have been confused.  Perry Sisson strives to:
•    Be the best that he can be.
•    Uses his knowledge and skills to help others.
•    Is not wasteful and protects the environment.
The Ben Franklin Society™ is a plumbing maintenance membership service club that is limited to a select group of our customers, which we have joined and enjoy the benefits of.  When you work with this company you can expect professionalism, ethical treatment and clean workmanship.  By that we mean plumbing done as a master craftsperson would do not as a “cob job” fly by night.  This is text book professionalism, provided as promised from an incredibly stocked vehicle.  You will be amazed to just look at the inventory that is in the back of his trucks.  Do not expect to see the second rate fixtures that you will find at the local big box retail stores.  These are the real professional fixtures that a homeowners deserve in their home.”   - Jim and Joanne U.

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